Confidentiality statement

CVWarehouse is a company that provides both a jobsite for candidates as well as an applicant tracking system for companies.

CVWarehouse specialises in a simple, confidential and secure way of applying for a job.

How do we ensure confidentiality?

If you submit your details and CV for a company, only that company will be able to see your profile.

Only through the website of CVWarehouse can you indicate whether you want to be kept informed of other opportunities.

By doing so, your details are then added to a confidential CV database. At no point in time, companies that consult this database will be able to see your personal or contact details.

Only when you apply for the job, you can share your information with the company.

In case you no longer wish to use your CVWarehouse profile after all your applications have been finalised, you can remove your profile. If, however, you would like your details to be kept in the talent pools of the companies you applied with to, we advise to keep your profile, otherwise these companies will lose your details and contact information when you delete your profile.

Thank you for using our portal and do spread the news!